Friday, May 11, 2007

Angus has an opinion

Fearing that Angus' love for yarn was perhaps due to boredom, last night, chez Socknitters, we embarked on an intensive evening of Entertaining Angus.
In between making dinner (Cajun shrimp on corncakes, arugula salad) and packing boxes for The Big Move, we threw crumpled balls of paper for Angus to play hallway hockey with.
We flung the cat tassel around for Angus and Mab and Spoot to jump at.
We got out the laser pointer.
We scratched his ears.
We put catnip on the cat tree for everyone.
The Fool cleaned the litterboxes.
The Fool took Spoot for a walk (not technically entertaining Angus, but we thought we'd spread the love.)
I tried not to shriek too loudly when Angus mugged my ankles.


This morning, while I was packing my bag for the day, I discovered Angus had taken my half-knit Flower Basket Shawl and stuffed most of it under the couch.
Do you know how much scuzz gets stuck to mohair? A whole lot.


Lanea said...

Ah, cats . . . Yarrow stole my camera last night, because it lives in a felted cover and is thus his, and brought it to Scott like a prize. He steals from me to win the Man's affection. Little fink. It's a wonder we don't eat them.

meg said...

What is it about wanting to fondle the fuzzy things? I'm sure that's how Angus ended up stuffing my shawl under the couch - he just wanted to pet it.

Eldronius said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That imagery is great.

Katy said...

you walk your cat?

the fiddlin' fool said...

Yes, that's right. I walk my cat. On a leash. said...

Sounds like you & the fool need to start putting all fibery things, including active projects, in ziplock bags. Safer for the cat too, especially if it starts eating yarn.

Jen & Matt said...

Yeah, if I leave out my yarn uncovered, I'll wake up to find it wound around absolutely everything that it can possibly be wound around. Of course, I think that's my fault for making them yarn toys and then leaving fresh yarn out in the open... Who knows? And I don't think it's all of them doing it, but I'm not sure exactly who (though I have an idea... Layla is a Ruthless Predator of Fuzzy Things). At least it's just the cheapo stuff that's getting covered in nast.

Scattered Gemini said...

Um, walk the cat on the leash? Our will just slink down and stretch out like she's a puddle. To get her to move any with the leash and harness on, i'd have to just drag her along the ground.

So, NOT fun.

LaurieM said...

Angus probably thought you were rewarding his good behavior in "killing" your yarn. ;-)