Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Desperate times

.... call for desperate measures.
Tonight, I packed the stash. I point out to the Fool that it only took one box.
A big box, sure, but only one box.
So we're both stuck with the projects on the needles until the big move is completed in June.
To sum up:
The Fool - one Shetland sweater, one pair of socks.
Me - one lace shawl, three half-pairs of socks, one rabbit hat for a baby.
Angus helped himself to a ball of green sock yarn the other night during his Reign of Terror (Brown Sheep - good taste!) and a ball of purple yarn tonight, and as we had to pack it sooner or later ... I picked sooner.
Sorry, Angus. It's tough being an arse, isn't it?


Lanea said...

Angus, you monster!

Wow, I couldn't get it all in one box. I can barely get the yarn, fiber, and fabric stashes in the second largest bedroom in our house. So, er, let me know if you start to run out of yarn before the move. In the meantime, I guess I'll be seeking therapy for the addiction.

KC said...

I tagged you in my blog! I think this is a fun way to learn about other bloggers. Enjoy.