Thursday, May 03, 2007

Home stretch

I had to skip breakfast and morning caffeine, and came screeching into my 9:30 a.m. staff meeting, barely on time, but ... the cardigan body is blocking on my back porch as we speak.
The sleeves have been drying on the dining table for the last couple of days, driving the cats crazy as they all jockey for quality time to sit on my knitting. Angus is the worst offender. The sleeves are coated with white fur.

"Don't you have to be at a staff meeting in 40 minutes?" the Fool asked.
"I do? Shit!" (I live at least 40 minutes from the office.)
"I thought you looked at the clock when you got up."
"No, no, I never look at the clock. Makes me crazy."

(Were up working late at the house last night; yardwork and painting.)

So I threw the just-finished sweater body at the Fool and shouted, "Quick, into the sink with the woolwash! I have to get dressed!"
How can you not find the wool wash? It's under the sink. Where it always is.
"Find the salad spinner!"I shouted, a few minutes later, trying to squeeze the water out.
"Have you seen it?"
Have I seen it? No. Did it grow legs and walk off?
"In the kitchen, sweetie."
"Oh, it's over here on the butcher block cart."
Oh my God, he can't find his butt with both hands.
"That's OK; I think I've got it squeezed out - open the back door, quick, I'm late!"

I started seaming at lunch. I'll finish on the train or at home tonight. If I can just get the shoulders bound off and the sleeves sewn in, pick up for the button bands and maybe knit those tonight ... I can do the collar on the plane tomorrow and weave in the ends.

Just in time to wear my new sweater to MS&W. Top of the shopping list?

Cool buttons.


LaurieM said...

heh, heh... Men are all lost when it comes to finding things smaller than a buffalo.

May want to see if you can find a lint roller too. :-)

Good luck and best wishes!

Scattered Gemini said...

Holy Wow! Talk about cutting it close.

All we're worried about is heading to the grocery on Friday morning to pick up items for our chicken salad and veggies & dip. I'll fix the chicken salad up Firday evening and Carla had better be ready when we get to her house at 6:30am on Saturday!

Other than that, i'm still trying to decide which top to wear. The orange henley may win as it's supposed to be somewhere in the mid to upper 60's? Besides, i need something to make me look larger and easier to find in a crowd. Ha!

Sandy said...

Mom (flea) and I have a theroy that the male gene is defective. they all seem to suffer from it. even the ones we love. I keep wondering when my 3 year old son will start to show the signs :)