Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Contemplating a blog change

Maybe The Two House Painters. Or The Two Box Packers. Or the Two Stop-that-Angus Yellers.
Because the above three activities have been taking up all of our time, and knitting and spinning? Not so much. Sure, I'm knitting away on a sock (Sorry, secret Sock Pal, I know you're out there, and I truly am stalking you, but I haven't had time to make a secret anonymous e-mail so I can taunt you properly.)

Instead, check out proof of our activities.
This is what we did on Monday.

Here we are tending the lawn. I love my acoustic lawnmower.

Here's what we put in the front bed we dug up and planted two weekends ago.

And here's where the Fool went all manic with a weedwhacker and dealt the vegetation a severe setback.

The other day, I was moving junk around in our basement, trying to clear a path to put more junk in there, and I found some of my mom and dad's stuff, unexpectedly, when I wasn't looking for it. It made me a little weepy later that day, and while The Fool was hugging me and letting me sniffle on his shirt, Angus came barreling into the kitchen and bit my ankle. Which made me cry harder, not because it hurt, but because, what the hell, the cat bit me for no good reason?! What kind of beastly creature does that? It almost negated the lovely nap Angus took with me last week, where he curled up on top of me and would not leave (see below). Angus' karmic bank balance is all over the map.

By popular request, Angus Ankle Biter, shown sleeping on top of me. He really, truly, is not as innocent as he looks.

This morning, Spoot and Angus had a squabble over who was going to sit in the Fool's open dresser drawer. I decided to mediate. (The answer, btw, is 'no one is going to sit in the open dresser drawer; everyone is going to hop out so Meg can go to work.')


Paul said...

I just LOVE "acoustic lawnmower"! That's an awesome phrase - thanks for the chuckle!

Lanea said...

Ah Angus . . . please don't encourage Yarrow to be any naughtier. I hope the house prep is going well! I'd loan you our guys, but I think the travel expenses would be too much.

We have two very active loaner dogs for the rest of the week while some friends are at a Bluegrass festival. Take my advice: do not consent to going from three pets to five, not even for a few days. The extra eight feet are very loud.

Diane said...

I've got Angus' evil twin at my house. No matter how cute she can be we never forget the fact that she will turn on us in a heartbeat for no reason other than SHE'S CRAZY!!!

Boy, I remember when all the mowers were acoustic. lol

Bridget said...

Personally, I like "Two Stop-That Angus Yellers" ...

Except, eventually, he'll either behave or you'll stop yelling, so then you'd need to change your blog name again!

Kim said...

Have the same "acoustic lawnmower" - which is loved particularly because it is acoustic so I can mow the lawn without waking my neighbors on a Saturday if only my neighbors were so considerate.

Eldronius said...

I have always wanted to try an acoustic lawnmower!

And I always thought posts about cats counted as posts about you have that covered.

LaurieM said...

Maybe Angus was trying to provide comfort in his beastly way. Sort of like saying, "See, it could be worse."

Or maybe he's being like my mom, "You want to cry? I'll give you something to cry about!"

Katie said...

Poor Meg! Angus really IS an asshole, isn't he? Although I'd suggest following someone's suggestion that he was just trying to show some love in his own deranged way.

And I love "acoustic lawnmower," too! It's the perfect description, and I can't imagine anyone not understanding immediately what you were talking about. :D

Big hug to you both!

janice said...

"Angus Ankle Biter."
Now THAT's a good name!

Franklin said...

Evil cat. Redundancy?