Friday, May 04, 2007

Nearly forgot

The only limerick I have ever written for publication, on a story on the annual Tribute to the DuPage River environmental event, and by popular demand of three readers:

There once was a skink, which you oughta
Know is from the order Squamata
With a tail shiny blue, he eschewed the zoo
For a tribute to the DuPage's waters

Can I mention how uninterested I am in working today and how interested I am in things to do, eat and see in Maryland?


Scattered Gemini said...

Heehee. Yeah! I was wondering if you'd post it. That was fun!

Stuff to eat in MD? Nahhhhh. LOL!

Deb's on her way out the door to the grocery for our goodies. Mmmmm. Yummy chicken salad.

Are you knitting at work? ;)

meg said...

I'm not knitting at work yet ... but I have my sweater in teh car for my lunch break.

Scattered Gemini said...

Still managed to not find you at MD S & W. Was looking for "The Fool" with pre-shorn hair...that might have been the problem. Ooops!

Did you see the line for The Fold? My Dear Sweet Deb and another friend stood in it to buy us our very first STR!!! I'm so stoked.