Saturday, May 19, 2007


What a busy day. We dropped off two boxes of books at a book recycling event (and didn't leave with more books), we went to Menards and bought a hose nozzle (as are homeowners now), some roller covers (as are homeowners with big painting project) and a small paintbrush (as have ridiculous amount of trim to edge around.)
Then, on a whim, we went to a garden center. And we bought some plants, although we were very restrained and did not buy everything pretty that we saw (which was all of it.) We got some groundcover for underneath a couple trees in the front yard, and we got some flowers.
We put a second coat of red paint up in the kitchen, and it looks much less blotchy.
I regained some more yard with my reel mower.
Then the Fool and I dug out the entire front flower bed, which had a lot of crabgrass and dandelions in it, and put in our flowers and plants (herbs, coneflower, black-eyed susan, phlox, strawflowers and some little blue stinkers, lobelia, maybe? Yes. Lobelia.)
Our garden theme is "Plants We Liked."
We gave them a good soaking with the new hose nozzle, and now, we are giving ourselves a good hosing down before we go out for Mexican food and go to the Old Town School of Folk Music to hear the Old Blind Dogs and Fairport Convention.


Eldronius said...

Oh, I am excited about the moving into a new house. I know when I moved I could hardly contain myself. There is so much to do. I, too, felt the need to paint one room before I moved in.

So I picked the tiny guest half bath and painted it red. That was when I learned you want tinted primer with red paint...argh. I put on four coats, and it still looked blotchy. Why didn't the silly paint people tell me this when I was purchasing the stuff?

Anyway...sorry I was rambling. Good luck on the moving and all the work that comes with a new home and yard.

Katie said...

So, did you guys enjoy yourselves at the concert? I saw you go in, and briefly saw The Fool in passing while I was trying to herd musicians. Both concerts were great, but I think the Dogs liked their second concert better, even with the smaller audience.

Have fun with painting and planting! I can't wait to see your new place, and meet Angus the Wool Worrier. ;)


Angie said...

We must converse about your red paint. Last summer I painted my small bathroom 8, yes, 8 times in an effort to paint it a lovely chinese red, it is still splotchy and looks like a kindergartener painted it, I'm almost convinced I need a professional, and I have painted many, many, many times successfully. Good luck with the new diggs, being a homeowner is wonderful!

Lanea said...

Wow, I didn't realize FC was still touring. Yay gardening, and book recycling, and home owning. I hope it was a great show.

Gwen said...

Hey! That's my garden plan too! Works pretty well, especially if we remember to water.

Necia said...

any chance that the shetland book went with the stuff you dropped off....(I hope not).