Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Sheep and Wool Report

It's been a bit of a whirlwind weekend, but those of you who read our blog often probably have already figured out that we prefer it that way. Either that or we are gluttons for punishment. So staying true to form, we arrived at Washington National late Friday night and left early Sunday morning. That essentially left all day Saturday to hang out with the sheep and pet lots of wool.

The day was packed with dramatic knitting. Meg finished her sweater in the car as we sat in a five-mile traffic jam to get into the fairgrounds. This was quite an accomplishment, as it was her goal to finish the sweater for the festival. Yay, Meg!

The drama continued when I realized I didn't pack a backup ball of the Moorland colorway for Kai. It appeared doubtful that I'd be able to finish the requisite number of rounds with the amount of yarn. I had faith I wouldn't come up short, however. Ends of balls have a tendency to be just long enough. In this case, that couldn't have been much truer.

We met up with Crazy Lanea and several of her friends. I sat down for a few old-time tunes at their booth, which was great fun.

Meg here:

All things considered, we were remarkably restrained at Maryland. Our friend Maura came up for the afternoon, and although she doesn't knit, she quilts.

She also likes to look at lambs.

And since everyone wants to know this sort of thing, this is what we came home with: Two bars of soap, a skein of Sea Silk to be turned into a stole for the Fool's mom for Christmas, a big skein of laceweight to be turned into some kind of complicated shawl, (I'm halfway through a Flower Basket shawl in mohair, and I seem to be developing some kind of ... nascent lace fia ball of sock yarn the Fool liked and a kit for a knitted hemp shopping bag. And sweater buttons.

We also picked up some roving and a scarf kit for Thorny, who is having a rough time of it these days. Her mother passed away unexpectedly last week, and we thought we'd send some sympathy fiber her way. Although we know the traditional gift is "a casserole," she lives out of town, and that would be complicated.

There are more adventures afoot this weekend, after which we are calming down, seriously. The problem is that we agreed to take all these gigs, and then life interfered ... but we still had all these gigs to go play. We are playing for a contra dance in Cincinnati Saturday night, and then the Fool is continuing on to Pittsburgh for Mother's Day, and I am driving back home.

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