Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can't win for trying

Yesterday, Jamie and I went to the grocery store to get fish, so we can eat fish sometime this week, like we planned to do, and ground chicken, so we can make chicken burgers. And burger buns.
I said to the Fool last night, "The avocado is ripe, so we need to eat tacos tomorrow. We can make them with the fish, or with that flank steak you bought."
He said, "Tacos? Oh no. We don't have any tortillas. They don't sell the good kind at the store I was at."
Today, Jamie and I went to the grocery store and bought tortillas.
I feel like menu planning is not working for us this week.
Icarus motors along. I'm about 30 rows from the end. After Jamie wakes up from his nap, which will be a nice long one because we went swimming today, I think we'll go to the bead store next to Knitche (convenient, that) and find beads for the edge.
Pictures to come, when it doesn't just look like a blob.

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