Friday, May 15, 2009

Tea cozy, part 1

Way back in the middle of the winter, I tried knitting the Fool a hat with earflaps, using two colors of Malabrigo that he picked out.
The hat has a problem, in that it bears no relation to the actual size of his head. He could pack his lunch in there with his head and still have room to spare.

I knit it in two-row stripes, and the thought of frogging it and leaving myself with all those short pieces of yarn made me a little bit woozy, so instead, I left the hat lying around.
It lay around on the coffee table, and then as Jamie took further notice of his surroundings, on the floor. The hat traveled back and forth between the table and the floor for several months until I hit on a solution.
Tea cozy.
Felt the hat and turn it into a tea cozy. We drink a lot of tea, we could use one of those.
Then the hat went to live, of all places, in the bathroom, where it stayed through Grandma Fool's recent visit (I can only imagine what she thought).
Finally, yesterday, I got tired of staring at it, so I got Great-Grandma Fool's washboard, which we inherited, and which the Fool plans to play as a rhythm instrument (of course), ran some hot water in the tub, set to scrubbing, with Jamie supervising.

That's hard work.
The hat/ cozy is drying now; we'll see how it turns out. I've got some more plans for it, but they will have to wait, because we are all heading for the Kimmswick contra dance weekend outside of St. Louis. Rachel and Jamie and I are driving down today, because we are all free, and Edward and the Fool are going to leave after work. The two of them have an mp3 player loaded with all kinds of screechy fiddle tunes recorded in the 1950s and a bag of pretzels and apples, and Rachel and I have "Anansi Boys" on CD and a list of yarn stores between here and Missouri.
Guess who's going to have more fun?


=Tamar said...

It'll be a lovely tea cosy. If it happens again, remember: cut and kitchener cures colossal caps.

Sandy said...

have a great time! I have done the same to my Hubby a time or 2

Miss B said...

Oh! Anansi Boys is so great!!! Enjoy!