Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Impaled on the horns of a dilemma

... albeit a not very dire dilemma, and actually the kind of dilemma that falls into the same category as "people who complain about how difficult their life is now that they have won the lottery," or "people who whine about not being able to find good domestic help."
See, the Fool and I have decided that I get to go to Sock Summit this year. Much as we decided he got to go to fiddle camp in Cape Breton a couple summers ago, now it's my turn to go do something fun.
(Granted, I had a great time bumming around Cape Breton, and I expect he and Jamie will find a few things to do in Portland, as we have friends there, and he knows a really outstanding Quebecois fiddler, but anyway....)
I can't figure out which classes to sign up for. I'm waffling between an approach that allows me to take longer classes with fewer instructors, or more shorter classes - sort of the buffet v. entree approach to things.
Like I said, hardly a proper dilemma, but registration is coming up and I want to be prepared.


LaurieM said...

Oh yes, I wish I had that kind of dilemma on my hands! I'm not even going to attempt to help you solve it either. Tough luck.


Amy Jo said...

Are you tempted by instructors or just going for subject interest? I tried to think about whether I could take a technique class locally vs. taking a class not found anywhere else. Then I got sidetracked by who was teaching some classes, wanting to see them, but already proficient or uninterested in the subject. I'm actually not going, but I still looked at the schedule to see what I would try for if I did go. Good luck, it's a very overwhelming schedule (in a good way).