Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fool and I are pretty lucky ...

... in that we don't really go in for the same kinds of things lots of other people go in for.

Jamie goes in for noses. At the Art Institute Friday, we went to the kids' room, and he got to fondle all the noses he wanted to, plus ears and eyes.

We don't really wait in long lines to see movies on their opening nights (except he did go to a midnight showing of one of the Lord of the Rings movies, but that's different. And I went to a special sneak preview of the Firefly movie, but it was because a friend invited me. And a Buffy the Vampire Slayer singalong showing of the musical, but again, special circumstances. I suppose those special circumstances are occasional fits of geekiness.)

The Fool and Jamie in Millennium Park Friday afternoon.

We don't go to concerts by artists that might sell out in a really spectacular and inconvenient way, forcing us to pay exorbitant prices to ticket scalpers to see U2 or whatever (except for the time a friend and I bought extra tickets on the street to see Kodo.)

Weekend BBQ at my friend Lynn's.

OK. But you won't find us getting up early to camp out for World Series tickets or anything like that.

Jamie tried watermelon for the first time. His verdict? Delicious.

So it was with some chagrin that I, and the rest of the knitting world, apparently, tried to register for Sock Summit this morning. Rachel was over, because we'd been working on a tie dye project together (The Cosmic Otters are playing in Champaign-Urbana this Friday and it's tie-dye night and we thought we'd participate), and even she thought this was pretty extreme. And she knits socks.

Cosmic Otters rehearsal.

"You mean everyone's going to try to register at once?" she asked.
"Uh, yeah."

Edward and Rachel start to tie-dye clothing. Edward had never done this before, but by the end, was really getting into it.

As I'm sure the entire knitting blogosphere knows by now, the servers were slow, and registration was not exactly a silky smooth process. I managed to register twice (it's a long story with me doing some dumb stuff to help along - ask me what a CVV is, go ahead), but no matter what, I'm going to have fun in Portland doing many different things, not just knitting socks, so however this comes out, I'll be happy. (That is a distillation of a long talk I had with myself this afternoon when I thought I got all my first-choice classes only to find that I had to register for other ones entirely, before I found out that a computer glitch signed me up for all of them, which would be a good trick if I could be in two places at once, which actually would be really great for things like Sock Summit. So I sent them a note and hopefully we can fix this.)

Finished tie dye! Yes, that's underwear. For a friend.

And now I shall go back to knitting my shawl, and the Fool and I will continue to negotiate dinner proceedings.

(We were going to have chicken burgers, but when he called from the store to ask if we needed ground chicken, I thought he had confused the chicken burgers with something requiring ground pork, so I told him no. So we thought maybe we could have the tofu dish tonight, but the recipe book is on loan to my friend Janice, and as it was raining, we didn't go to the Memorial Day BBQ at her place and reclaim the book, so we don't have that. Then he said we could have fish, but that turned out to be something we only talked about cooking and didn't actually buy. Now the debate is whether to get fried rice or plain rice when we order out for Chinese. Sigh. Universe: 1; menu planning: 0.)


Stephenson! said...

Okay, I know you actually said that it is underwear hanging there, but I love that color-wise it pops out and says, "Hey! Tie-dyed underwear!" Teehee.

LaurieM said...

Oh sure, you've got it tough all right. I feel so sorry for you.


Jamie is utterly adorable. My baby is almost thirteen and is adult-sized. I'm astounded that this lumbering teenager was once as soft and sweet as your little boy.

meg said...

Laurie - I've got another picture of Jamie from the BBQ in which he looks so much older than he is, I'm astonished. But I still can't imagine him as a teenager, or even a toddler, yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg, that is a heck of a lot of tye-dye. Are y'all going to sell it in UC to pay for gas, food and lodging? And oh boy, I'm looking forward to taking Liam to the AIC once he can stand. That boy loves noses, too. --Susan

meg said...

Susan - it's wonderful. There's a room downstairs for kids with all these busts and so your nose-obsessed child can sit on the table in front of the bust and fondle all the facial features as long as he wants. For about five seconds, I thought, "maybe I need to get Jamie a bust."

Lanea said...

Have a great time at Sock Summit. I'm sure they can fix your registration trouble.

So much fun tie-dye!