Friday, May 22, 2009

Not sure why I always run into this problem

I decided to read the Icarus pattern today, which is probably just as well, because I'm more than halfway through knitting it.
The pattern calls for 1,200 yards of laceweight yarn.
I have a skein that has about 874 yards in it (I looked it up!)
Either I:
a) Figured that the designer, who presumably has knit this shawl at least once, unlike me, bought a 1,200 yard skein and only used, say, 800 yards of it for the shawl, but forgot to mention that she had a big ball of yarn left over.
b) Figured that by 1,200 yards, the designer actually meant 874 yards.
c) Figured when I started knitting this a year ago that I would somehow alter the pattern so that it takes 300 fewer yards of yarn or so to knit.

I'm going with c. I think I must have reasoned that I can leave out one of the pattern repeats, although whether this will give me enough yarn to finish the shawl, I still don't know.

So that leaves me with a new question:
a) Call LYSes tomorrow to find a skein of the yarn I need, but don't buy it yet.
b) Find the yarn, buy the yarn, but keep it unwound and in a bag with the receipt so I can return it if the answer to the first question is a or b.
c) Wait until it's the week before the wedding, I have run out of yarn completely, the shawl remains unfinished, and THEN start looking for the yarn.


Lorna said...

You could also look on ravelry to see if anyone else has made this with around 800 - 900 yards and how they reduced it

You could also look on ravelry to see if someone else has the yarn in stash at a lesser price

It is very pretty!

Leslie said...

You probably should start to check Ravelry and all the LYSs because you've got that pesky dye lot issue too and you may need to start blending balls before you get to the end of your first skein.

Or you could simply look around this list and find another triangle shawl you could make with the amount you have...

Good luck!

JJ said...

I made this shawl with 2 skeins of alpaca laceweight (about 880 yards) and made the full size. I had a few yards left. I think you're golden.

LaurieM said...

The answer to every knitting dilemma is always to cast on something else. Doesn't everybody do this?


JustApril said...

Hope it works out one way or another. Maybe your's will be like JJ's and be just fine.