Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Brief Absence

I will be in San Francisco this upcoming week for the JavaOne conference, so I suspect my posts will be sparse at best for awhile.

Then it's off to a lovely contra dancing weekend in Indianapolis, including a side trip to the Mass Ave. Knit Shop. The last time I was there, I wasn't yet into knitting socks, but I do remember a large variety of yarns. My wife assures me that I will enjoy it immensely.

I'm on the entrelacky portion of sock #2. Argh! It seems like it takes forever to get through. Tonight, my finished entrelac sock attracted the attention of the flute player in our band. I was explaining basic stranded technique, and he seemed intrigued. This is the same guy I turned onto knitting and socks a few months ago. I bet it won't be long until he's doing colorway socks.

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Andy said...

Yes, it's true. You've gotten me hooked indeed. Tis I, the afore mentioned flautiste, and I finally found your blog. It's nice to see the pics of your socks, as I've only seen the ones on your needles at gigs. I'd be knitting right now if not for the paper I should be writing. As you can guess I'm not writing yet, but atleast I'm at the computer. Enjoy San Fran...