Monday, June 06, 2005

Columbine Peak progress

Continuing with the peak socks, I'm about ready to turn the heels. I'm doing the Eye of Partridge heel stitch for the first time. It's supposed to give that nice-looking honeycomb look to the heel, right? Well, it probably does in a normal situation, but with this quickly-changing verigated yarn, you can't tell there are slipped stitches at all, let alone a honeycomb pattern. So... blah. I think it would work better with a thicker yarn, too. I will probably stick to plain old heel stitch from now on.

My wife and I visited some friends in Madison over the weekend. They have a digital camera, so I brought all of the socks along to capture their mugs. We ended up shooting them on the washer lid and on the bathroom floor. Once I get them, I will post a few!

I now get to add another item to my "Knitting While...." list: canoeing. My wife and her friend let me sit in the middle of their canoe on Lake Wingra. While they paddled around, I worked on the peak socks. That brings the life list to:

  • Knitting While Walking
  • Knitting While On The Train
  • Knitting While Stuck in Traffic
  • Knitting While Standing In Line
  • Knitting While On The Phone
  • Knitting While Canoeing

1 comment:

Thorn said...

D'oh! Crap, I'm sorry! I'll email them to you now. I can't believe I forgot!

Well, I can, because it's me and I'm flaky like that, but I'm still sorry.