Monday, June 20, 2005

New Inspirations

So I bought a book entitled Socks, Socks, Socks, which publishes 70 patterns from a previous Knitter's Magazine competition. Wow! It's really refreshing to see some completely new sock ideas... everything from lace to color to just plain wacky.

The sideways socks look really interesting, as the verigation travels from toe to leg rather than around the foot. One of the socks is called a Maple Swirl sock, which looks absolutely mind-boggling to do, as its pattern looks more like a score written by John Cage than a knitting chart. There's some really neat-looking intarsia socks, too, including one with giant grandfather clocks on the side.

Some of the stranded patterns gave me some ideas for the entrelac socks, now that I'm on the foot and am supposed to be creative and stuff with color. There's a neat-looking chart that looks a bit like entrelac but is flat, so I think I may try that for a few rounds.

On the commute this morning, I actually got no knitting done at all, as I was simply too busy browsing through this book.


Nowhere Nick said...

Just an "out of nowhere" question. Have you ever knitted any type of garment or item besides socks? Just curious. Actually I am beginning to enjoy socks myself. It's nice to actually be able to finish something in a reasonable amount of time.


the fiddlin' fool said...

Yes, I have knitted other things than socks, but not many. My first project was a garter stitch area rug done in double-stranded cotton yarn. It was a project my wife started but soon abandoned because of the tedium. I basically learned how to knit on it.

I also have this cabled / bobbled hat that's been on the needles since, oh, I started knitting socks. Haven't really had much desire to finish it, but someday it will get done.

Nowhere Nick said...

I kind of figured that you had, I just thought maybe socks were your forte. I have lots of unfinished projects myself. When I found how easy socks were I just abandoned my sweater I was working on. They are so time consuming. I know people who have 10 year old sweaters on their needles that they will never finish.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your socks in the future!