Tuesday, June 28, 2005


What a nice afternoon. I took the historic F line over to ImagiKnit. The trip was far from beautiful, but the yarn store was fabulous! So many yarns! I bought a few, including a stripy Regia that was on sale (it has yellow in it, and it's for a friend who politely asked for a bit of yellow in his socks). I also found Addis in 0s. After much deliberation, I opted to get 1 40" and try Magic Loop. I looked at the booklet a bit, and it looks fairly simple.

I also got Lorna's Laces in Watercolor. Wow, is that ever beautiful. I figured that if there ever were a time to spend a little extra on sock yarn, now was the time. I hope it will cheer my wife up when she sees it.

After my yarn and materials purchases, I headed across the street to the tea shop. I had a pot of something called Darjeeling Kalicha, which had a really deep, nutty taste to it. Good by itself, but also good with milk and turbinado sugar. I had a plate of cookies to complement.

As I was waiting for the J train to come, I took a look around. I was standing in a place called Dolores Park, and for the first time I really felt like I was in San Francisco. The sky was cloudless, it was breezy, and the park was spectacular. You could see Mission High School, a fabulous piece of architecture. Everything was green and cheery and genuine. I must've had a huge smile painted on my face.

I think I want to see the sunset over the ocean tonight, if it's not too difficult to get there. I have a friend that hopefully knows of a nice beach somewhere. I really wish my wife were here.


Nowhere Nick said...

I want to be in San Francisco. I am jealous. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your trip.


Nanette said...

So **, do you allow your name to be posted on the blogger? I found you through Mike's. So how come I haven't seen you in the e-mu? Too many flash backs to the muse?