Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fair Isles Complete!

Finally, finally... they are done. I even got a friend of mine to take a few digital pics of them. Hopefully I will get them in my inbox soon so that I can post them for everyone to see. (And here is one)

Now I'm plowing through Cat Bordhi's Columbine Peaks socks. The yarn is Regia Stretch and is turning out to be quite nice. It's verigated without definite striping... kinda splotchy. It feels a bit rough, as there is a bit more synthetic fiber content in this yarn, but I hope that it will soften once washed.

So I discovered the Socknitter's sock-a-month (SAM) lists. They apparently do 5 different socks every other month (beginner, intermediate, advanced, holiday, and colorworks). That and there is the six-sock-knitalong as well. So many choices! Of course, maybe I should just forget about all of them and just do my own thing. The Sockguy's Harvest socks sound kind of fun, and I haven't done any cabled socks yet. My wife tried some cabled socks last year and absolutely hated doing it. It was driving her so crazy she frogged the entire thing. This is a simpler cable, though, so I'm hoping it will be enjoyable rather than tedious.

I think I'm going to finish the peak socks, then fix the toe-up sock that caused me so much grief, and then figure out my direction once I have those out of the way. The entrelac socks I'm back-burnering until further notice. I'm sure I'll get them done someday, but right now isn't the time.

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The Fabric Monk said...

I gather you're the kind of guy who likes to completely master whatever he's doing. shows a technique of cabelling without using a cable needle. You might be interested.

And thanks for your comment about my KIP for the first time.