Thursday, June 23, 2005

First Entrelac Sock Done!

Actually, I'm not even sure if it should be called an entrelac sock anymore, since there are only 5 rows of rectangles in the sock. It's turned more into my creative-color-work-that-also-has-entrelac sock.

The colors have really grown on me. They really weren't what I wanted at the beginning, but I think it's turned out all right in the end. I'll have to see how well the second sock goes together. They will probably end up being slightly fraternal, but probably not dramatically so.

It actually looks quite impressive, all things considered. The verdict is still out on color knitting, I think. All of those ends to weave in gets highly annoying, but it does end up looking quite cool.

I was informed that you can weave in the ends as you go, by weaving in the tail as you knit. I tried that and thought it was great... until I put the sock on and all of them came out (one to the point of the stitch dropping and laddering) because of the stretch. Apparently you can correct this problem by weaving them in one way then reversing the weave on itself. This "locks" the strand so it doesn't go anywhere when the sock stretches, but this also means I have to get out my tapestry needle, anyways. So I abandoned the idea of "weaving" as I go after the ribbing became a miserable failure.

And yes, the digital camera is coming soon! I have my eye on a Canon PowerShot A95. Anyone have recommendations? I will finally be able to take frequent pictures of my socks... and, of course, my cute wife! And my cute wife in the cute socks I knit her...

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