Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Angus' big night

The Fool is off in Tulsa on a business trip, so it was just me and the critters last night. I'm still knitting along on my Sockotta sock, but I'm through the gusset and on to the foot, so a FO is in the offing.
Meanwhile, we continue to unpack. The kitchen only took three coats of red paint to get it to where we like it, which is great, because we're tired of painting the kitchen.
This was my morning:
5 a.m.: Angus leaps on bed, bites Meg playfully.
5:01 a.m.: Meg kicks Angus off the bed.
5:10 a.m.: Angus leaps on bed, bites Meg again.
5:11 a.m.: Meg kicks Angus off the bed.
5:15 a.m.: Angus begins scratching the box spring.
5:16 a.m.: Meg grabs the squirt bottle and blindly squirts water behind the bed. Angus scuttles off.
5:20 a.m.: Meg hears suspicious noise, decides not to investigate.
7:30 a.m.: Alarm goes off.
7:35 a.m.: Meg leaps to her feet, races out the door to beat garbage collectors to the curb.
7:40 a.m.: Meg has beaten the garbage truck.
7:44 a.m.: Meg notices bedroom rug is spread with ... dried thyme? No! Catnip! Why?!
7:45 a.m.: Meg discovers Angus has helped self to reused yogurt container of catnip previously in box on her dresser, opened lid and spread catnip all over hell.
7:46 a.m.: Meg notices Angus, in explorations of box, has knocked all her earrings on the floor.
7:50 a.m.: Meg notices she is running late.
8 a.m.: Meg notices two sheets of bubble wrap that Angus hauled off to the bedroom to maul peacefully.
8:01 a.m.: Meg confiscates the bubble wrap. Angus objects.
8:15 a.m.: Someone has yarfed in the hallway. Could be Spoot, could be Mab ... Meg decides to blame Angus.


Hockey Mom said...

Poor Meg. Angus sounds like quite the handful. Hopefully, in three years you can look back and remember fondly the little hellion he was!

Eldronius said...

I hope that is phase he is going through. How old is he? Maybe he will grow out of it...ugh.

but it made me laugh in that I-am-uncomfortable-for-you feeling...does that count?

LaurieM said...

I'm surprised you didn't wrap Angus in that bubble wrap and ship him off!

meg said...

Laurie - wrapping Angus in the bubble wrap is too good for him, when I've got a house full of cardboard boxes. I told the Fool Angus wanted to go to Tulsa with him, but he didn't believe me.

hugs said...

That Angus is quite a handful. You must have done something somewhere along the line to deserve all of his ... playfulness. Something that was really fun and bad.

Lanea said...

Blame Angus, absolutely. He needs an intervention. As does Yarrow. Cats are evil. Fluffy, beautiful, evil little monsters. I luff them.