Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Highlight of Tulsa

So this morning, I spent two hours giving a presentation on domain modeling, object-oriented programming, the Java language, and the tools that we use to do all three. For those of you non-geeks out there, this is somewhat comparable to trying to cover the history of the world in two hours. It went fairly well, all things considered, and while I don't expect that they will remember much of anything about the presentation, they might "get it" a bit faster when they are reintroduced to these concepts.

After lunch, I set off on my steek cutting expedition. Since I didn't want to maim the steeks without the right tools1, I decided that the best place to find a good pair of scissors would be a local yarn store. So I chose Loops.

While downtown Tulsa is ugly, barren, and bit depressing, Utica Square is quite the opposite. With a lovely outdoor promenade, Loops is situated on the corner of the Square near other locally-owned stores.

When I entered, I was greeted by Gina, an employee who was enjoying her day off knitting with friends. She was very helpful, as she produced a pair of small but accurate steeking scissors. Their main table was covered with yarn, so she offered up the table in the children's room.

Wait, that doesn't give the full effect.

Yeah, that's better.

Now I'm halfway up the steek.

I discovered that Gina (above) is a fellow sock knitter who, like me, loves to explore new knitting techniques. We discussed various ways to pick up stitches evenly, among other things. She thanked me for coming into the store and told me to stop in any time I was in town.

Feeling that I should patronize such a nice place, I purchased a skein of locally hand painted yarn, only available from Loops. It's called Tempted (in the Toxic colorway), and it's really awesome. I was pleased as punch to bring home such a nice memento from Oklahoma.

So, here's to all of the yarn makers and yarn consumers of Oklahoma. Thanks for making my trip a little brighter.

1Meg and I last night were speculating how prehistoric knitters might have cut their steeks. We decided that it would involve sharp teeth.


Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

I am so very very pleased that you came upon our yarn and are happy with it. Your msg has made my day Thank you.
Hope we do hear from you again, and would love to see the socks. Right now we are having great difficulty getting our base yarn but if you ever want specific colors we can also custom dye (if we ever get the yarn). Thank you again.

LaurieM said...

New knitting Olympics competition: extreme steeking.

Who were you giving the presentation to? It seems an odd amount of info to cram into a short time.

Loops Troops said...

It was so much fun having you in the store and watching your awesome sweater being steeked. Come back anytime and stay in touch.
The Loops Troops
Loops A Yarn Store
Tulsa OK