Friday, June 22, 2007

A date of note

According to "Good Cheer: The Romance of Food," by Frederick Hackwood, written in 1911, today is the Shearers' Feast.
"The Shearers' Feast was celebrated as soon as the last timid sheep had, with a mighty leap, cleared well away from the clipping-pen, and given that free, joyous shake of its naked skin so expressive of its gratification. The celebration generally occurred about Midsummer Day and the festivity was marked by song and dance and rustic sports, accompanied, of course, by an amount of eating and drinking."
Happy midsummer!


Eldronius said...

Happy Midsummer! (as long as I don't have to dance naked around a fire)

Lanea said...

Of course, the only people I know who celebrate Shearer's Feast do it by, you guessed it, eating lamb. Delicious lamb. I celebrated it by finding a strange drive in in central PA called "Distilfink" and eating sweet potato fries, drinking a chocolate malt, and hanging out with sheep, border collies, and musicians.