Thursday, June 21, 2007


I don't post about work on my knitting blog other than to imply that I have a job.
But this week, I'm making an exception, and it's all because of Harry Potter. See, I'm working on a story for my publication's Harry Potter coverage about the knitting that goes along with it (I get invited to brainstorming meetings because I bring unique ideas no one has heard of and this is what they get. Knitting stories. Anyway.)
What I am fearing is that nobody out here in the western Chicago suburbs is knitting Harry Potter gear. I stopped in at one yarn store and they told me it was more of a "hip urban thing," (which I sort of don't get) and that their customers, if they were not knitting for themselves, were either knitting for people much older (parents, grandparents) or for babies.
Not for people who are, say, between 7 and 12, or whatever the age is that reads Harry Potter (30 and 35 in our house).
Research will continue, naturally, but hey ... I'm asking ... if you are a knitter who lives in the western Chicago suburbs who happens to drop by and lurk here once in a while and you happen to be knitting a Harry Potter thing (or ever have knitted a Harry Potter thing or are now tempted to knit a Harry Potter thing as a shortcut to your 15 minutes of fame) and you wouldn't mind being interviewed for publication, give a little shout-out in the comments, and I'll be gratefully in touch with you.


jaymeknits AT hotmail DOT com said...

You may want to get in touch with Alison over at the Blue Blog ( if you haven't already. She wrote a book of patterns called Charmed Knits that is full of Harry Potter patterns. She may be able to help you.

meg said...

I know about that book - it's sort of what started the whole idea going in my head. I'll probably drop her a note, but I was hoping to find some local knitters too.
Hi, btw! How's it going?

the fiddlin' fool said...

Hey... I'm 29 for at least another month!

Eldronius said...

I just bought that book!

I am 31 and love Harry Potter. I knitted one of those huge-assed house scarves that took three months of stockinette to complete. Unfortunately I don't live near Chicago...but I am there right now surfing the web before I go the the Shedd Aquarium haha. Hopefully I will be able to walk, as yesterday was filled with nothing but walking around Oak Park.

Anyway, I ramble easily. Good luck in your search!

the fiddlin' fool said...

Eldronius... shucks! We moved out of Oak Park three weeks too soon! Did you get to see the Frank Lloyd Wright House and the beautiful houses down Forest Avenue? If you had gotten to the end of the houses on Forest heading south, and then turned left onto Ontario, you would have seen our apartment.

noricum said...

Alison (of the mentioned Blue Blog) has a Charmed Knits knit-along going on right now... I imagine there are Chigaco knitters participating.

Knit-along blog:

Stephenson! said...

You might try posting a question in the "weasleysweaters" and "hp_knitting" communities on LiveJournal, and see if there are any members there in the geographic area you're looking for. :)

miti_mom at sbcglobal dot net said...

I'm in a "North" west suburb, have 5 children (some of whom have read the books, most have seen the movies), and have been itching to knit the earflap hat that was designed, but did not get used, for the first movie. The yarn store folks may be right, I haven't seen much "Harry Potter" knitting either.

Eldronius said...

Hey, Fool!

Sorry to hijack this post, but if you lived in apartments right there near the corner of Forest and Ontario before Kenilworth, then I did see them!

We did the audio tour of the 20 homes in that area as well as the guided tour of his home and studio. I loved Wright before, but now I love him even more. It was great! My favorite house was the one just north of Elizabeth Ct on Forest. Very nice area, absolutely gorgeous.

Scienceprincess said...

You might also try the weasleyknits community on There are several HP knitting communities. I'm sure if you posted there asking, there would be some chicago suburbs representatives . . . I'm in the northern suburbs, but have not yet gotten to the weasley sweater on my "to knit" list.

Good luck!