Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ce n'est pas une fourmi

Sorry, Magritte.

We have a family of small ants that live in the bedroom. I pointed them out to the Fool.
ME: Look, we have ants! Eek!
FOOL: Where?
ME: Right there. They're very small.
FOOL: Oh. Those are sugar ants.
ME: What?
FOOL: They're sugar ants. They come out and eat spilled sugar. I saw some in the kitchen after I spilled sugar. Did you spill sugar in here?
ME: Um, no. I didn't.

Silence for several moments as I try to figure out whether the Fool has decided not to believe in the ants because there's no sugar on the floor. I decide maybe that's what he's doing.

ME: OK, but just because I didn't spill sugar in the bedroom doesn't mean those aren't ants.
FOOL: Yes, but does the presence of sugar....
ME: (sensing a derailment impending) Look, can you just kill them?
FOOL: Oh, yeah, I'll get a paper towel.

And before you ask, the cats are not impressed with the ants. My grand plan to distract everyone from biting me by buying new and shiny cat toys means that when they want to toss something around, they aren't looking for tiny, tiny ants to mess with.
Finished pair of wool socks; started knitting the second sock of a cotton Sockotta pair that I cast on in, oh, March. It's one of the chevron lace patterns from the first Charlene Schurch book and I find this really, really entertaining to knit.


DK said...

Oh! My sympathies! I just moved, and walked into an apartment full of roaches this morning. If I didn't spill any sugar, either, can I just choose not to believe in my bugs, too?

I'm sort of surprised the cats didn't like them, though. My dog thought "chase the roach" was a great new game.

Congrats on the house, though!

Kate (who used to work at Fringe, but now lives in NC)

JustApril said...

We have the same sort of ants every year at this time. I spray 'em with Windex.

the fiddlin' fool said...

They are really tiny ants. Were they larger, I'm sure the cats would be having a field day. Spoot ate a moth the day after we moved in, in fact.

Eldronius said...

You two just kill me. I love it.

I once had similar thoughts about this tiny spider that lived in my pantry on top of the canned tomatos. At that point in time we had stupid pantry moths and were having a hard time getting rid of them. We welcomed little "Charlotte" until she eventually died about a year later.

But now I have tiny spider babies that have migrated over the entire house! They hide in all the windows, between the slats of the banister, under the bed...ugh. It just doesn't pay to be nice to insects. Maybe I can let all the baby toads that hopping around the yard inside to eat them...hmmmm....

noricum said...

I had sugar ants in one place I lived in. I made a scary concoction by blending several fresh habanero peppers with water, and then putting the concoction in a spray bottle. I then sprayed any area that they seemed to like and/or travel through. I sprayed them outside, too, for good measure. That seemed to convince them to go elsewhere.

Warning: after blending the peppers in water, don't try sniffing the concotion to see if it's potent. It is. The fumes *burn*.