Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We unpacked enough things this weekend that I was able to cast on for a new project! It's my Sockapalooza socks, and I'll put up a picture of my first attempt tonight.
I'm using Regia Bamboo in a colorway that reminds me of what I think Santa Fe might look like, based on watercolors and tourist poster photos and not actual experience with Santa Fe. It's an interesting yarn. I like it a lot, although it seems softer and less elastic than other non-wool sock yarns. The variegation is also so strong that it made it hard to find a pattern I could knit that didn't get lost.
It's supposed to have antibacterial properties as well, and I have enough of this yarn to make another pair of socks, which I plan to do, for purposes of testing them in my Keens, which - while wonderful shoes - bring on the reek. (I have a very scientific experiment planned, which consists of wearing socks with sandals and smelling my own feet throughout the day. I should do it on the L; no one will notice.)


Sandy said...

Funny I don't recall a stinky feet problem...just a racoon problem!

meg said...

Ha ha. Did I tell you my husband's useless superpower is finding dead raccoons? He's found two out here so far.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Don't forget about the mice, the dead skunks, and Jerry the Groundhog.