Thursday, March 13, 2008

FO Thursday

Despite the absolutely incredible congested head I'm enjoying, I got some things done today.
I finished these Princess Mitts from "The Knitter's Book of Yarn," by Clara Parkes. I'm not much of a princessy person, and the color is not so princessy either, so these make me feel more like a Frog Princess than the fairytale type.

The yarn is some of the leftover Dream in Color, colorway Happy Forest (great color; goofy name) that I made Maura's Fetching mitts from.

There is still more of this yarn, but not much. Just enough, I think, for a baby hat for a friend.

This morning, I worked on a freelance copyediting project of mine, and Angus worked on his own to-do list. First, he watched squirrels and birds. Then he helped himself to a slice of pepperoni ... off my reheated pizza I was eating for lunch! He didn't like it so much; only ate a little bit of it before leaving the left on the rug. Next, he took a nap. After he woke up from his nap, he went in search of a snack. He dug around in the Tupperware box we keep our cat accessories in and found a packet of cat snacks, which he carried out to me, so I could open it and feed him some. We had six.
I'm off to run some errands this afternoon, and maybe get some ice cream to commemorate the beautiful spring day. No idea what Angus is going to do.


Anonymous said...

lerve the spring green mitts!

angus, you are one busy kitty! at least you didn't bite mommy whilst she was trying to work! good boy!

where were spoot and mab during this time period?

anne marie in philly

Katie said...

Oooh! Beautiful mitts! Love the colors (I'm a sucker for green).

So, um, did you make those for anyone in particular? If not, then I'm going to shamelessly beg for them! I'd be happy to pay for them, or else barter. Since we're already bartering bodhran lessons for knitting lessons, I could make you a batch or two of my snickerdoodle cookies.

Oh, and a big scritch for Angus, too!


meg said...

Anne Marie - Spoot and Mab were sleeping. Like good cats.

meg said...

Oh, and uh, Katie ... I made these for myself. But I could be persuaded to make another pair. We'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Love the green! Of course, then again, I pretty much love green anything. Mostly. How nice it must be to have a cat that is so independant on the snack front. Mine would have gone over to the container and whined/meowed forever until I went to see what he wanted, and by then he wouldn't have wanted it anymore.

Lanea said...


Katie said...

Cool, Meg! Maybe that's what you can teach me to make, once we get around to the whole bodhran/knitting lessons! Sure, right now I'm barely able to make a scarf, but hey, I have all year to figure out what I'm doing, right? :)