Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nature in its Fully Glory

We've had so much snow this winter it's unbelievable. The ground has been snow covered for pretty much the entire season. Whenever it threatens to melt off, we get more. So we've been spending much of our time shoveling and deicing. It's fairly easy to grumble about, especially this late in the season. Then you wake up one morning and look out into your backyard...

...and you realize that everything is right with the world.

We've been feeding the squirrels a lot this winter. It originally started off with just feeding the birds, but the squirrels soon got wind of our plan. So we moved onto feeding both of them because it was just easier that way. Plus, they're so dang cute!

Angus thinks they're really cute as well.

It's quite entertaining to watch Angus when the squirrels are outside. The other day, one of them decided to climb up the side of the sliding glass door, and Angus tried to (unsuccessfully) climb up with him. We suspect that he is innately jealous of their climbing abilities and wants to be reincarnated as a squirrel in his next life.

Today was a quiet, relaxing day. The snow is melting, so we're enjoying the slightly warmer temperatures until it snows again later in the week. I pushed some bytes around for KnitML (or "the knitimal" as Meg likes to call it), Meg finished a copy editing test for a job application, we went grocery shopping, and we're off soon for a Cosmic Otters gig in with, um, Sam. You remember Sam from Breaking Up Thanksgiving, right? Same fellow. Only this time, we've actually rehearsed together a few times and have a game plan.

I'm doubly excited because not only are we playing for a contra dance tonight, we are playing for a contra dance in Hyde Park, home of the Medici bakery and some of the most exquisite cinnamon raisin bread imaginable. This bread has proven to be very elusive in the past. Previous attempts to procure a loaf have ended in disappointment, either because the bread hadn't finished baking when we arrived, or they were sold out by the time we got there. Over Folk Fest weekend, however, we were successful and scored a loaf1. And as we learned from last time, the management is willing to put aside a loaf for us if we call ahead!2

1We actually walked into the bakery, high-fived each other, and shouted, "Yesss!" Much to the amusement of the management.
2Flattery apparently gets you everywhere.


braeden said...

High five over baked goods? I am 100% with you, and now I really want some. Totally made me laugh.. out loud, even.

yarndork said...

I know, there used to be this bakery in Aurora called Buchmans or something like that, and they made the BEST pasteries and donuts. I can still smell those strudel-y ones. Great, now I'm hungry.

anne marie in philly said...

when I was growing up, higgins bakery made the best baked EVERYTHING.

and the bakery had a smell that you just don't find today; a combo of yeast and sugar and vanilla...(smacks lips at thought).

nice rodents; at least yours have some personality as they mooch your peanuts. amazing how a squirrel will keep a cat happy.

steven and meredith send their purrs to your kids!