Thursday, March 06, 2008

I think I'm done with winter

I took a look at what I'd cast on since finishing the gray mittens, and it seems I have a theme.
Hurry up, Spring.

Clockwise from top left:
Fetching mitts in Dream In Color Happy Forest for Maura in DC, where they will hopefully be of use during the season's change. I loved knitting these so much and I loved the color so much, it's sort of hard to send them off, even though her birthday is this weekend. (If anyone knows of a good job for a lawyer in DC, that would also make an excellent birthday present for her - she's starting a job hunt.) The only thing that is making the pangs of separation easier is knowing that I have enough of this yarn left to make myself something.
Moving on.
Lace Leaf socks, Fiber Trends pattern by Evelyn A. Clark in bamboo Trekking. I bought this yarn because I was curious about it. It's very fine, but I think it works pretty well for these socks. I did something funny while knitting it (OK, not funny at the time, but now, a little funny.) I added a pattern repeat when I cast on, going from 60 to 72 stitches. When I went to turn the heel, I referred to the pattern and turned the heel and made a gusset on 30 stitches, not 36. Ha ha. Shows what you get when you: a) don't put a post it note on your pattern mentioning these changes; and b) don't listen to your instincts when you think, geez, this is a funny way to make a heel.
Dulaan mittens, Brown Sheep something or the other. I've got a bunch of balls of orphan worsted yarns, some that I bought to swatch for sweaters, etc. I decided to start using these up, so I'm knitting mittens. Why not hats? Because I'm not so good at mittens, and I'd like to get better at them, and this is a good reason to practice. I think I've turned a corner on thumbs, the Bane of My Existence. I'm not planning to knit any gloves yet, but thumbs, I can knit thumbs.
Kauni Autumn cardigan. This was a Christmas present from the Fool, who is thrilled that his wife has finally taken up a stranded knitting project. I got him to share with me the secret of keeping the yarns from tangling - always carry the same yarn in the same hand - and it has revolutionized my two-color knitting. I adore it now that I'm not untwisting balls. I cast it on and I'm captivated. I keep sitting down to knit a row or two and then I look up and I've wasted half a day. Well, not wasted, because I have a sweater to account for my time, but I've definitely given this sweater time I had thought to allocate to other worthy causes, such as cleaning the bedroom in preparation for a weekend painting project. The problem is that Angus seems to like this sweater too. When I sit on the couch and knit it, he hops up on my lap and curls himself around one of the balls of yarn to cuddle and bite it. If I try to take the yarn away, he bites me. I'm thinking of knitting him a little cat blanket in scraps of wool with bobbles and whatnot, so he has his own woolly thing to sit on and fondle.


Anonymous said...

I made those leaf lace socks for my SIL for Christmas and they are stunning! I love that pattern.

Me, I've found myself breaking out the easter pastels . . .

Happy Thursday!

PICAdrienne said...

I am getting some springy colored things going as well. But I need to finish the dark green and navy blue socks for sonny-boy.

Those yarns sure are pretty.

I have thought about knitting something for our cat, but he ignores the little sheepskin I got him, so I am not sure I want to spend the time on it.

LaurieM said...


I'm captivated by red right now. I've had it with grey and white and dismal drab colors.

yarndork said...

Thank you, now I have another thing to add to my ravelry queue. I love love love the green though. It's my favorite color. (goes off to fondle own green yarn now)

Lanea said...

Ooh, I'm excited to see your Kauni colorway show itself. Why am I such a sucker for that? Ooh look! Now it's green! Ooh, blue now! Ooh, orange!