Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Hooray, hooray, spring is here!
Nevermind that we're supposed to get snow tomorrow, just in time for the Fool and I to head off on a two-night contra dance tour with the Roar Sharks. (Holland, Mich., and Kalamazoo, Mich.) We booked this back before we had a band name, so we're the "Something or Otters" for the first gig, and "Cosmic Gravity" for the second gig, which is an amalgamation of band names that I'm not getting into.
So we've been busy. The Fool put up something about KnitML. He failed to mention that I offered to start knitting up some of his sock yarn stash as he seemed to be too busy with the computer to knit. Although the stash lives happily in a communal basket, there's an understanding that some of it is his to knit, and some is mine to knit. Right now, he has two skeins of Socks That Rock taunting me with their unknittedness.
This is what he thinks of my offer.

Last Friday night, while he had a gig at Peggy's in Arlington Heights, I went to Naughty Knitting Night at Peggy's Strands of Heaven in Plainfield.
A bunch of the women I knit with on Wednesdays were there, and we spent the evening knitting, talking and generally doing what knitters do when they hang around a shop with snacks and yarn. Sarah and Lorna put together some kits for thematically appropriate knitting projects.
Here's Heather showing off her crocheted pasties. (I recognize that the photo makes it look a little like she's got a pair of jellyfish stuck to her shirt, but that's just a technical limitation.) I knit something too. The pattern was billed as a "chapstick holder," but a little stuffing and some judicious stitching, and now it's an anatomically correct cat toy that I'll have to hide from my MIL.

Finally, progress on the Autumn Kauni cardigan continues. Spoot was kind enough to curl up behind it when I set it down on the sofa. She looks a little cross, but I think that's because I woke her up from a nap to get the picture. The stranded knitting is still really fun, but I'm worried about my tension, of course. So I decided to practice more stranded knitting on a mitten. I'll take pictures later.

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anne marie in philly said...

that cardigan is looking more like spring than what is currently outside my window. cold, rain, high wind - YUCK!

steven and meredith send their meows to their pretty cousin spoot!

also "happy allergy season" (for those of us with problems in that area)!