Saturday, March 08, 2008

Night visitors

When the Fool's mom heard we were having problems with squirrels in the birdfeeder, she told us that in her experience, squirrels don't eat safflower seeds. I bought a bag and have been mixing them in with the regular birdseed to stretch it, but I couldn't tell if the birds were eating it or not.
The Fool said someone was.
Well, tonight I think we found out who's been eating the birdseed.

Three of them showed up to dine.
I'm sure the birds are eating the safflower seeds too, but I'm certain these guys are helping them.
Otherwise, I've been looking up fingerless mitten patterns for my leftover Dream in Color, and knitting away on the hem of the Kauni Autumn Cardigan, which is just so much fun. I'll put up a picture when I remember to take one in the daylight.


todd gunther said...


ain't wildlife amazing?

now all you need are deer and skunk and fox, and you would have my backyard!

can't keep them lil critters down!

the fiddlin' fool said...


Actually we have all of those, too. Sounds quite similar to our house. Add to that groundhogs and coyotes.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, I don't know quite how to offer this suggestion. So, head on! Critters mark territory with their urine. I protected my bird feeder one whole winter using the same process. I had to collect mine in a can and carry it out to the feeder. Poured it on the pole and around on the ground about once a week. My b-i-l efficiently keeps rabbits out of his garden all summer. My sister said,"YOU WHAT?????? Well, it is worth a try. Paula in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I love raccoons. My dad does too. He says they taste like chicken.

todd gunther said...

groundhogs - yes. one lives under our sunporch all winter. his nickname is fatboy.

coyotes - no. the philadelphia suburbs have enough excitement without those animals.

Lanea said...

Ooh, give them some crackers and a dish of water to clean them it.

Yeah, I play pranks on racoons. What are you gonna do about it?