Sunday, March 02, 2008

Night out in Hyde Park with Tapeworm Sam

The Fool and I played for a contra dance Saturday night, with our friend Ed, er, Sam, sitting in. It was terrific fun. I love having two fiddles on stage.
Even though the three of us had made a point of getting together twice to figure out set lists, when Walter, the caller, said he wanted to do a square dance, the two of them looked at the list of seven or eight tunes we had already picked for square dances, and decided instead that it would be much better to choose a new tune on stage, one that Sam didn't know so well, and spend time learning that while Walter taught the dance.
(It's the same Walter who plays with us in the Roar Sharks. What can I say? He's madly multitalented.)

But everyone had fun.

Afterwards, Sam took us down to the student pub in the basement of the building we were dancing in, where we met up with several of his friends. Somehow, even though we all agreed the topic was gross, he began sharing with us all the interesting things he had learned from a book on parasites he read last summer.
He retains quite a bit of what he reads, that Sam.


eva said...

After going through a brief parisitology lab, a group of us decided we were going to live on Twinkies and Ensure - as those were purely synthetic foods and probably parasite free. Of course, this plan only lasted until dinner-time, but I maintain it was a good one.

meg said...

I really think my life is better for not knowing a lot about parasites - Twinkies and Ensure, though! Ha!