Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Another cold, another night of honking dolefully into a handkerchief. I'm skipping knitting group in the interest of not contaminating people. There's a special event on Friday night at one of the LYSs, and they're all going to be there, so I'll just go see everyone then.
Meanwhile, I'm going to keep knitting mittens, which are somewhat idiot-proof. Which is good, because there is no room in my head for complicated knitting directions.

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JustApril said...

=( aww - I hope you feel better soon! The idiot proof stuff is good, all my projects are the opposite and I can't knit more than 4 rows without adding or subtracting a stitch and spending as much time as it takes to knit 4 rows (of 161 stitches) trying to find it. arg Stockinette in the round sounds good.