Friday, March 28, 2008

Humours of the Car

So we were on our way to our contra dance last Monday. In the car, we were listening to the Stairwell Sisters, an old-time band from San Francisco. They're a lot like Uncle Earl, except perhaps that they sing more through their noses. This makes them slightly harder to understand.

So we get to their rendition of Greasy Coat. It's one of those old-time tunes that has words that you sing while you play the tune. The main line of the tune is, "I don't drink and I don't smoke and I don't wear no greasy coat." Meg is not as familiar with the lyrics as I am, and being that old-time tune lyrics often don't really make sense, she thought she heard, "I don't drink and I don't smoke and I don't want no greasy goat." When told her that I thought she was mistaken, she wouldn't believe me. She thought she had a case for her version "because greasy goats are far more disgusting than greasy coats."

What goes around comes around, though, for on the very next tune, "Feet All Over the Floor," I thought they were singing about how someone "peed all over the floor."

Happy Friday! We're on our way to Pigtown Fling, the midwest's largest and most boisterous contra dance weekend!


evie ladin said...

you just wait for The Stairwell Sisters new CD out this May 12 - Get Off Your Money - alot more music and alot less nose. Plus, a beautiful scarf was knitted in the process - nothing helps a recording along like knitting, and the banjo player can't do any better than a big rectangle, but with good yarn and good company, that makes for great music!

meg said...

New album!? Hooray! I'm putting the release date on my calendar. (Seriously, we *do* like the album a lot - and now that we have both cleaned out our ears, we can hear it so much better.) It's amazing how many musicians turn out to knit, too.