Friday, March 28, 2008

Pigtown Fling!

Oy, I've got a massive to-do list before the Fool and I can head for Pigtown Fling in Cincinnati.
It's one of our can't-miss contra dance weekends where we get to see all our Ohio and Kentucky friends, stay up too late playing music, and stop for groceries at Jungle Jim's.
It's also a great chance to get some knitting time in while we drive.
This week, though, hasn't been much knitting for me. I've been seized with an urge to finish unfinished projects - get stuff off my back. Hence, the cats and I have been hanging around downstairs together, watching TV and sewing. This is a quilt top I started last winter and picked up again this winter when the relentless snow and cold got to me and I really, really wanted spring. I have a friend who is just starting a long-arm quilting business, and she's going to quilt it for me. I can machine quilt, but when pieces start to get this big, they become unwieldy and no fun. Then I'm going to rent a few movies and sew the binding, and then the Fool and I will have something cheerful on our bed.
The quilt we have on there now is this very quiet blue quilt made of lots of Japanese indigo prints. I put this on the bed to check the size, and it woke up the entire room.

OK. Off to speed through the rest of my to-do list, make a quick lunch, load the car and collect the Fool.


Anonymous said...

That quilt top is Beeeyouteeful!!! "Blessed are the quilters, for they shall be called piecemakers" Paula in Iowa

meg said...

Thanks, Paula! This is turning out to be one of my favorite projects.

JustApril said...

VERY pretty, and Springy! Great cheerful colors.

The Knotty Knitters said...

Gorgeous Quilt.

Have fun at the contra dance.

Lanea said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!