Wednesday, October 03, 2007


You know how when you have some unusual items to take to work with you, it's hard to remember the normal stuff?
Unusual things I remembered to put in my work bag today: Official Paperwork I need to mail, womanly supplies in case of emergency, notes from an interview I did last night and want to work on, materials for art class tonight.

Normal stuff I forgot: My PDA. My knitting. Anything at all interesting to read.

Sigh. So now, faced with an expanse of time between 5 p.m., when work ends, and 7 p.m., when art class starts, I don't know what to do. Usually, I grab a quick dinner and then get something nice to drink at a Starbucks or similar and enjoy an hour of knitting. I thought about driving home to get my knitting, but I'd be tempted to stay there and skip art class, and it would take long enough that I wouldn't really have any time to knit anyway.
Maybe I'll just work late instead.


Sarah said...

Walmart, cheap yarn and needles. Sometimes, you have to tough it out in an emergency.

Shy said...

Buy magazines to read...or even better, is there a library close by?

meg said...

Ooh, I could go hang in the library for an hour or so. Or I could go treat myself to a new book. Or I could clean my desk....