Monday, October 29, 2007

Giant Sucking Sound in direction of

Yes, I've been sucked in to the Ravelry cult. They're letting me out briefly to work on the blog.

Between starting the KnitML and Crafty Walkers groups, I've been working quite a bit on KnitML itself. The engine is very close to being done. I'm just doing some really pesky things right now. Trying to tell a computer, for instance, how to rearrange stitches on a needle after you've declared the start of a new round in the middle of an existing round is a bit of a challenge. Sound like a corner case? Trying knitting a sock sometime without rearranging stitches on the needles.

Through KnitML I've met Guido (pronounced GEE-doh, so no, he's not my new KnitML thug). He runs a blog out of Boston called It's A Purl, Man. I've listened to some segments of a few of his shows, and it's quite entertaining. I'm also a bit fascinated by the fact we share the same birthday (and birthyear). How many people do you know who were born on the exact same day as you?

I have had a few moments to do a bit of knitting. I received my second pair of Sock Wars socks in the mail last week, finished them in a day (once I dorked around for two days looking for my needle), and sent them to their intended victim. More waiting patiently for the mail to come. I'm still alive for some reason, and there are only about 35 of us warriors left.


Angie said...

I know 3 other people who share my birthday, isn't that wierd?

graymama said...

I LOVE It's a Purl, Man!!!