Monday, October 01, 2007

Endpaper Mitts, sort of

I started knitting Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts as the pattern was written, using a variegated yarn for the background. As you can see from the first pattern repeat, that looks confusing.

So I added a couple more dots to her pattern and filled it in a little more and came up with the second repeat to see what it would look like.

Then, tonight, I drank a beer and reversed the colors. I didn't finish the repeat, because on the other side of this mitt is the kind of two-color knitting you might expect from someone who had just finished drinking a beer.

I'm leaning toward the final iteration, where the diagonal lines are the variegated yarn, which I bought because I like the colors a lot and which I think I'd like to see more of than the dark green yarn.

Tomorrow, I think I'll frog back to the beginning of the cuff.

1 comment:

Eldronius said...

I like the concept of that pattern. I wanted to try something with two-colored brioche similar to that.

I agree the right part is a bit busy, but I really love the part on the left. Can't wait to see your final decision on pattern.