Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Knitters everywhere!

I was hanging out at the library tonight, waiting for the Fool to finish with his interior decorating class so I could pick him up, and tinking lace, the sea silk scarf, finally out of the time-out corner.
As I was picking away at it, I noticed a woman looking at me, and guiltily, I thought she had heard me swearing under my breath (it's a very quiet library.)
Instead, she came over and asked, "Is that from 'Arctic Lace'?"
So we talked about the pattern (Is from 'Victorian Lace Today,') and we talked about the Sea Silk and where you can find it locally. She saw some in Boston, and didn't buy it because it smelled too seaweedy, like inside-an-Asian-grocery-store seaweedy. I don't necessarily consider that a drawback; I love the smell of the ocean, but I did tell her the scent goes away after a bit.
Then she asked the in-crowd question these days - "Are you on Ravelry?"
"Yes," I said. And then, feeling like a 14-year-old, "I'm megd; come find me and we can friend each other."

(For Maura in DC, who said that even though this is technically a knitting blog, it needs more squash photos.)



the fiddlin' fool said...

I bet she had to think of a good opening line, too.

Paula in Iowa said...

Beeyouteefull veggibles there!

LaurieM said...

Gourds just wanna have fun!

maura said...

i (heart) squash. thanks for sharing your beautiful pics!

Stephenson! said...

I signed up for the waiting list after the third person I know (a lovely lady from LJ) squeed about finally being off the waiting list. We'll see what my handle is when I get on, and I'll come find you. ^_^