Thursday, October 18, 2007

KnitML Mentioned in Latest Cast On Podcast

Apparently I'm the last one to know, but I was looking at my website statistics and noticed more than a handful of referring links coming from Brenda Dayne's Cast On website. So it turns out that KnitML received a mention in Episode 57: I Speak Jive. Brenda is really happy to hear that the project is moving along and wants me to keep her posted.

In other news, I ran into a fellow knitter at a coffee shop today. I generally find it awkward to start conversations with people I don't know, but she looked friendly, and being that I didn't have my knitting with me at the time, I had the perfect opening line. It wouldn't be interpreted as a pickup line and at the same time immediately exposed my inner knitting geek. I recognized her knitting needles as KnitPicks circulars (with the magenta cable), so I approached her and said, "Excuse me, but are those KnitPicks needles?"

It turns out that she is Ms. Prolix and knows Meg from volunteering at the Old Town School. Uncannily enough, she also knows a good contra dance friend of ours now living in California. She has a Ravelry account, too, but I'm not sure what the etiquette is about publicly posting that information. I imagine that if she wants the general world to know, she will have posted her handle somewhere in her blog.

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