Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That Poor Woman!

On the Metra train this morning, I spied a woman who was clearly trying to knit something in-the-round (probably a sock) using 4 DPNs. The needles were bobbly because it was early in the project, and this seemed to be causing her a lot of discomfort. Worse yet, she had a huge mess of tangled yarn coming out of the ball, and this didn't seem to be helping.

I wanted to say something reassuring to her, but shouting, "I feel your pain. Have you tried using 2 circs?" across the car probably would have been construed as odd, to say the least.


JustApril said...

Sounds like a bad dream, wobbly dpns and tangles! ack! I never know when to offer assistance in those situations. God bless the person who invented circs!

Kathy in KS said...

That could have been interpreted as some sort of harassment. That's one of those times where you know it's going to be bad either way. "Do you need help?" "NO! GO AWAY PERVERT!" I can see it now...Metro riding woman fends off attacker with her DPN's...more at 6.

Angie said...

Hence the reason I've never preferred dpn's, can you imagine the horror of a long ride and losing one of the needles? 2 at a time, Magic Loop is how I roll.

Sarah said...

Odd to others, possibly helpful to her.
You should put up a missed opportunities ad on craigslist just in case.

Eldronius said...

Ah poor woman. I remember first learning to use 4dpns, and fortunatly at the time I did not realize it was something I was supposed to be afraid of.

The other day I cast on a circular swatch with 4dpns and an onlooker just laughed as they watched the odd tangle of bamboo (but I never let on it was easier than it looked.)