Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back on track

I sat down with the MILs Sea Silk scarf, and as Kathy in KS reminded me in the comments a couple weeks back, I am the boss of my yarn, so I made it work.
Hah. Go me.
Am fierce, and am one pattern repeat down and am not making any more mistakes.
The Fool glared at me until I ran a lifeline, too, so I'm posting this picture of him exulting in front of a giant pile of hardshell gourds.

"All your gourds are belong to me!"


JustApril said...

Gotta love those lifelines and those who make us use them =)

(gourd pic is hysterical)

the fiddlin' fool said...

I don't think I actually said that, dear.

meg said...

I know that. It's the picture's title.

Kathy in KS said...

Yay you for taking control of your yarn. I looked it up, it's only silk and seaweed. It's not like it can bite you or anything. I'd love to see some pictures of the lacey wonderfulness!