Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rhinebeck envy

"Oh, it's fine we're not going to Rhinebeck this year. We can plant bulbs."
"It will save money, and we're going to be traveling a lot in November."
"We have plenty of wool to spin and yarn to knit; we don't need more."
"It probably wouldn't be as much fun as last year."


To drown our sorrows, we decided to go to Arthur, Ill. Home of the Great Pumpkin Patch, which was written up in Martha Stewart Living two or three years ago. They have the Great Wall of Squash. They have the League of Cucurbit Nations. There is a corn maze. You can get pumpkin ice cream. Plus, our friend Michelle and her new son Jayden (who we have never met) and her husband live down that way, so we visited them too.
First, we put on new wool socks. ("Hedgerow" pattern - Knitpicks I dyed with logwood purple. Pattern: eeeh. Not so fun to knit, but I did like how it turned out.)

The Fool: Some kind of yarn, Online, maybe, or Instep, or Austermann, or something he can't remember. The pattern? He doesn't remember that either, maybe out of one of the Charlene Schurch books. If you really like them and want to make your own pair? Too bad. You're on your own.)

The Fool found a big squash he liked in the section of the farm set aside for squashes to buy and eat. They had bins and bins of them, labeled by type and price, as well as cooking suggestions. He liked this one because it was big and lumpy.

Wall O' Squash.

There is a great deal of debate among Biblical scholars on this point, but some accounts describe a second voyage Noah made, after he figured out squash were a lot easier to manage than all those damn animals screeching and pooping and messing up his ark.

Finally, check out this Bearded Buff Laced Polish hen! (thanks Minitron!)


LaurieM said...

That chicken has attitude. Just look at her lid.

MINItron said...

That would be a Bearded Buff Laced Polish hen. They are awesome chickens and very popular as show birds.

Tola said...

looks like a cross between a chicken and an angora rabbit. imagine two uses in one animal, eggs *and* fiber!

minitron said...

This is the chicken that REALLY looks like a cross between a chicken and a rabbit.

They make great pets, and can usually be tamed enough that they will sit in your lap to be petted.

meg said...

Whoa! That's a great chicken too - but it seems like they'd be hard to keep clean under typical chicken living conditions.

Eldronius said...

OOooh that looks like fun. I love squash!

And what is more fun than a bunch of chickens?

Lanea said...

There's no way Rhinebeck was any fun without us there. Squash are much more fun.